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Beauty: Plastic Surgery

Lasers for beauty

It sounds so high-tech and science fiction like, but lasers offer so many alternatives to improving our appearance. Continue below



There are many types of lasers used to improve the skin. They have different functions depending on their intensity. 

What is a laser?

Laser is "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation." Quiet complex, but we do not have to understand the underlying technology, but what they can do for us. To explain in simple terms, a laser is a very intense beam of light that can cut or vaporize the skin, hair follicles and blood vessels.

What can laser do for you?

  Eliminates spider veins and small or medium varicose veins. Lasers are being used to zap veins on the legs and dark blood vessels on other parts. There are a few lasers that can also eliminate tiny veins on the face. Some people may need a series of treatments to eliminate the veins.  

  Remove unwanted hair. After a few treatments lasers can offer permanent or long-term hair removal. 

  Eliminate or improve scars and hyper-pigmentation
Many types of lasers are used to improve the appearance of skin. The CO2 laser can take away the superficial layer of the skin helping to improve the appearance of fine wrinkles, facial scars and pigmentation.

The pigmentation can be the result of sun damage, pregnancy, or other related causes. The scars improve with laser. But depending on the type of scars, they may require a combination of procedures.

  Improve the appearance of your skin

Some spas and some doctors use lasers that can improve the texture of your skin. These treatments are simple and take very short time. They help the skin look softer, make the pores smaller, improve scars, fine lines and fine wrinkles, lighten pigmentation, and improve overall skin tone (the skin looks firmer).

These lasers are called by many names including Cool Touch Laser, N-Lite Laser and Cool Laser. They offer many advantages because they do not produce swelling and redness. They usually require a series of treatments to see meaningful results.

  Improve condition of broken capillaries and blood vessels on the skin

  Other things Lasers can do for your skin
Lasers are used to:

Remove tattoos
Remove moles
Remove tumors
Treat acne

Lasers can cost all the way from $100 for a non-ablative (meaning less invasive and less damaging) laser such as Cool Touch (using these lasers you will need a series of treatments) to $7,000 depending on the area of treatment and the geographic location of the spa.

Beauty injections:
Stop the wrinkles (Paralyzing agents such as Botox)  
Fill in wrinkles and folds: dermal fillers  
Temporary dermal fillers  Peels Light peels TCA peels  Deep chemical peels
Almost permanent dermal fillers


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