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Beauty Injections 4: Dermal fillers

When we age we lose fat in some areas of our faces. The dermal fillers can fill those deflated areas. The fillers can also fill some wrinkles and add volume in the lips. Some of them have been with us for long time while others are new.  Continue below





While administering injectable fillers, the doctor or the nurse will first clean the area. In some cases he or she will apply a numbing agent. The doctor will then introduce the product in the targeted areas. 

Most of these products will leave your skin red and swollen depending on the products for a few hours or even a couple of days.

There are many types of fillers, some with temporary results while others with almost permanent results. Among the most widely used fillers are:
Temporary fillers: Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Restylane, Captique, Radiesse, Sculptra 

Other fillers: Fat transfer, Silicone fillers
Continues:  Temporary dermal fillers

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Introduction: Beauty injections,
Stop the wrinkles (Paralyzing agents such as Botox)  

Fill in wrinkles and folds: dermal fillers  
Temporary dermal fillers
 Quick facts about injectables  
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