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Beauty Injections

The whole country is going crazy about Botox and other similar procedures. A short doctor's visit makes us look younger, prettier and our self-esteem is lifted up almost instantaneously. Continue below




There are actually a few types of these beauty injections that use paralyzing agents such as Botox and fillers such as Restyline.  

These injections are very safe treatment in the right hands; they can be dangerous in the wrong hands. There are cases in Mexico when the practitioner was a fake doctor and applied construction silicon to patients' bodies causing many health problems. Some doctors in the US were also using lower-grade Botox, causing harm to their patients. Do not look for bargains when it comes to your health; look for a qualified doctor to get these treatments.    

The procedures are simple. The nurse or doctor will prepare your skin and disinfect it, and in some cases, apply a numbing cream. Then the doctor will inject the solution and probably ask you to move certain muscles to distribute the substance in the appropriate areas. Then, he or she will clean again and you are ready to go.

Most treatments will leave your skin either swollen or irritated for a few minutes. In rare cases, the irritation or swelling may persist for a few days, but in most cases it takes only hours for it to dissipate. 

Can something go bad?
There is always risk in any procedure. Some substances such as Botox have been around for many years with relatively safe results, but long term side effects are unknown, since there are no studies at this time.

If a substance applied to your skin has only a short-term effect and there is an esthetic problem, usually it does not last when the substance is not active any more. This is the reason why you should try temporary filler before you get permanent or longer-term filler on the face. Continues: Botox

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