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 Weight loss strategies
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To lose weight or stay slim, diets are not necessary, but we need to eat well. Eating well means healthy, tasty and in moderation. Continues below  



Moderation and nutrition are keys to keep the weight under control. There are thousands of tips to lose weight; these are some that most experts agreed on and have helped me personally.

Eat real food
This means homemade, fresh and natural food. Avoid processed food and takeouts, because they are rich in calories, fats, salt and bad additives and many times poor in nutrients.

Many colors
Try to eat vegetables of all colors. This will give you the nutrients your body needs and thus energy to keep active and eat less.

Eat all
That is include all the food groups at each meal or almost all. Try to eat carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cereal etc.), protein (meat, eggs, seeds, beans, soy, etc.), good fats and vegetables in each meal. Vegetables should be part of at least two meals a day and snacks can be fruit.

Eat slowly
If you eat slowly and chew well you will have better digestion and eat less.

Everything in moderation
No need to remove any foods or food groups, but avoid fatty foods, fried foods or foods high in sugar. You can eat them, though, in moderation occasionally.

Have fun
Without food. There are many fun activities that do not require food and dancing. Do not associate fun with food. Not all socializing has to be about food. Just be creative and you can still socialize outside of restaurants and bars.

Read the ingredients
When buying food in the supermarket read the labels well. Familiarize yourself with how to read labels to determine which foods not to buy.

Eat between meals
The frequency of meals is important. If you do not eat anything between meals you can feel extremely hungry and then overeat more at meals time. Try to eat small, healthy snacks.

Do not drink ..
... calories. Many drinks are high in calories, such as frozen coffees and similar drinks and juices. Some are the equivalent of an entire meal in calories. Learn to drink water and leave these drinks for special occasions.

Fat days
We all have days when we eat more (fat days), and this is OK. We need to balance them with skinny days when we eat less to balance our calorie intake.

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