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How to control bad temper

Nobody likes to be around people who cannot control their temper and explode sometimes for no reason. Bad temper hurts the person who has it and those around too.  Continues below...    



There are many ways to control bad temper. Remember that patience and constant practice are necessary to create new habits. By learning to control our reactions basically we are learning new habits.

Why to control bad temper?
1- Bad tamper causes communication problems that result in damaging interpersonal relationships. It can destroy marriages, careers and friendships.

2- Those with bad temper have very high levels of stress and stress is harmful to health and beauty.

3- Anger and rage are emotions rooted in our deepest selves, sometimes they reflect feelings of incompetency, powerless and loneliness. A self-analysis is important to determine the circumstances under which the reaction is anger, this gives the opportunity to analyze how to react better. Although this behavior may have genetic components it is also learned from our families or environment.

Steps to control bad temper
The most important step is to recognize that you have bad temper and want to change.

1- Controlling the response
We cannot control circumstances but we can control our response to them. If you feel you're going to explode, take a few seconds to breathe and cool down. Breathe deeply several times. This accomplishes two things: relaxes and gives you a little time to think.

2- Empathize
Try to empathize with the person you are angry at. Think about her or his point of view. Ask questions and listen. Usually this makes us more sensitive and although we may disagree with the situation we are able to react better.

3- Avoiding fights
If a fight seems unavoidable take some time off before responding. This is not always possible, but if it is, do it. It will give you time to calm down. Remember that the important thing is not to fight well, it is to win the battle.

If you take time off try not to think about the problem for several hours. Do not start calling friends to complain about the situation, because it will only make it worse.

4- Perseverance
Do not expect immediate results; it takes time and patience to improve, but the results are a more relaxed, productive and happy life.


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