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Beauty - at home spa treatments 

Azucar Morena.  Sugar Scrub

This is a very popular spa treatment.  The objective of this treatment is to eliminate dead cells and make your skin soft and radiant. 



You can buy sugar scrub products or make your own at home.  Many lines such as Davies Gate, Jaqua Girls, Fresh and many others have wonderful sugar scrub product with delightful  fragrances.      


1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of almond or grape-seed oil 
15 drops of grapefruit essential oil. You may use any other essential oil.  If you do not have essential oil you may use lemon for fragrance or use it plain.


Apply to wet skin

You can use your hands a shower glove or a loofah to scrub all over your body

Avoid any cuts or delicate areas. Remember do not put salt in a cut.

Do not exfoliate if your skin is irritated for any reason including sun burn.

Be careful not to fall down due to slippery floors.

Follow with body lotion, if you think you need it. Eliminate the residues with water. Apply your favorite body oil or lotion if needed. Your skin will feel a little oily if you use thick oil; otherwise, it will feel soft and most people will not need additional moisturizer.

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