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Beauty - Skin care 

Guide to skin types 

TThere are oily skins, dry skins, sensitive skins, normal skins, combination skins and everything in between. Already confused? Do you know what is your skin type? Continues below  




Why you should know?
Different skins have different needs, and therefore, there are products for each skin type. If you do not know your skin type, you maybe using products that are not the best for you. 

Our skin type is a genetic attribute though it may change as the skin becomes dryer or as we age or if there are hormonal changes in our body due to other factors. Our nutrition also has some impact. In addition to that, other factors such as smoking can also affect our skin type, but in general, the skin type does not change all that much. 

   Identifying your skin type

The tissue issue
This is a well known test to help you identify your skin type. It is simple and it takes just a few moments:

Clean your face and do not apply any product. Wait for about 10 minutes. Get a white tissue paper and blot all you skin. 

What do you see? 
Do you see oily residues in the area of the nose and forehead? Then you may have a combination skin.

Do you see oily residue everywhere? 
Then you may have oily skin

You do not see any oil at all? 
Then your skin is dry.  Read more dry skin 

So you see just a little bit of oil everywhere? 
Your skin may be normal.  Read more on normal skin

The test for sensitive skin
Answer the following questions:
Does your skin get red and irritated easily when you are exposed to sudden temperature changes?
Does your skin get irritated easily and gets swollen and red if you try to extract a black head?
Does your skin get irritated easily when you try some new makeup or creams?
Do you have small visible capillaries in your face?

If you have answered most of these questions in the positive your skin may be sensitive.  Read more on sensitive skin


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