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Beauty - Skin care 

Skin care: Sensitive skin  

From our research, communication with visitors to our websites, and particularly due to our association with the spa industry, we have often heard that most people say that they have sensitive skin.   Continues below  





This not true and it is a good thing. Sensitive skin is very temperamental. It reacts to many environmental factors in an aggressive way, it gets red, swollen or itches because of exposure to the sun, wind, too cold or too warm water, alkaline water and many others.

It may react easily to many ingredients in cosmetics, and in extreme cases, to even substances around the house; and we are not talking allergies here.

There are many degrees of "sensitivity" in the skin, from very sensitive to slightly sensitive. Pay attention to identify and determine the resistance of your own skin. 

Some of the reaction of sensitive skin can be confused with some skin conditions such as: rosacea, eczema, sun damage or couperouse. So you should consult a professional if you think your skin is temperamental. 

As you see, not most of us have sensitive skins. If you have it, nothing to worry, because with proper care, you can help your skin to find the right balance and look great for many years.

   Basic care

For this skin type were created the purest products: color-free, fragrance-free and preservative-free. Yes, they are more expensive, but after all you all should be using this type of products. The substances described above are skin irritants and that is the reason to avoid them. 

Your skin needs to be clean. Use a very gentle product twice a day and a light toner, if desired, right after. Your toner has to be alcohol-free. 

You need to use a rich, but water-based moisturizer. Avoid greasy products, lanoline, mineral oil, and other ingredients that may block your pores and cause black heads or pimples. (Yes, sensitive skin may have pimples). 

In the morning, definitely use sun block. This is important for your skin, because it gets irritated so easily that it may get skin discolorations or age spots easily. 

Try to use mineral makeup, if possible; if not, try to use non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic make up.

Be careful with the substances you clean your clothes and your house with. Watch out for products that may irritate your skin.

Experiment with different products on your skin until you get the desired results. You may need to try many products; so do not be shy and ask for samples before you buy the product. In many department stores and cosmetic stores, even on the Internet, this is possible.

   Special care

Although your skin is so delicate you may use hydrating masks and a very gentle exfoliant once a week. Avoid steam during facials, and in general, avoid drastic temperature changes. Hot baths, saunas and steams may cause broken capillaries in your skin. 

If you get professional facials, always tell your esthetician before starting that you have sensitive skin. She may not be able to extract as much as needed, but it is better than irritating your skin. However, the facial massage is good for you, because it stimulates circulation and relaxes you muscles. Look to have facials in a prestigious day spa or medical spa where hygiene is paramount.

If you have extremely sensitive skin, you should visit a dermatologist. 

   Taking care of your skin naturally

It is important to drink water to keep your system clean and hydrated. You need to take care of your nutrition to help your skin to find the right balance. Try to always eat fresh foods rich in nutrients, like our abuelas (grandmothers) used to. Some supplement of Omega-3 may benefit your skin. You can also consume this oil in flax seeds or salmon; among others. Choose butter over margarine and a little of butter or olive oil is good for you. 

Alternative medicine can help you to balance your skin.

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