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Self-esteem issues: unreal fears -




In a survey (not scientific) conducted by our sister website luvcube.com, they found that as many as two out of three women felt unsure about their looks and considered it to be a problem in finding a relationship or enjoying their current relationship. 

Many other surveys find similar results that show how sometimes even attractive and successful women lack confidence and trust in their abilities.


But it is important to know that a lot of the fears that women have are just fears (in other words, unreasonable and baseless) and can be overcome with just simple reasoning and little effort.

Let us take a look at some of the common fears that women have:

1- Do not look at me.  If people look at me in public, I think they're judging me. 

Most of the time when people look at you, they are merely trying to establish communication. If you simply respond in a friendly manner, your fear will gradually go away and you will realize that no one meant any harm at all.

2- I am scared of rejection.  We all are. We just have to appreciate this sad reality of life so that we can continue to take risks without worrying about rejection all the time. No one went too far without ignoring feelings of rejection.

3- I am afraid of being left out in social settings. There are two important things you need to know about social situations. One, people tend to talk to people that they feel affinity with.  Most of the time if you are patient and keep trying, eventually you will find a group that you can find common things to talk about and enjoy your time in a social gathering.

Two, we are all so desperate for listeners for all the wonderful things that we like to talk about. If you can be a good listener and ask questions, people will love you. All you need to do is to be interested in other people and simply join any group of people talking.

4- Be interesting. Take a quick look at the news on a website likes Google News or Yahoo news so you are informed of the most current issues and then just throw in bits and pieces of interesting information - the conversation will evolve very easily. 

5- You are gorgeous. I am not pretty enough, not smart enough, not likeable etc.

If you keep saying negative things about yourself, this will reflect in the image that you project to other. Talk to yourself in positive terms and you will end up believing them. A survey in 2005 found that women who think of themselves as beautiful are more successful. This is a result of high self-esteem. But look at the wording carefully: you only need to think of yourself as beautiful, not necessarily be beautiful. In any case, there are no absolute standards of beauty. It is only in the eyes of the beholder.

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