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Romantic rituals
to keep the passion and romance vibrant in a relationship

Have a beautiful, well-organized, and relaxing bedroom. 
It does not mean luxury or new furniture; it means that there is no clutter and it is a clean and tidy place where you can truly relax. Continues below.    



Dress nicely at nighttime 
This does not necessarily mean that you have to shop at Frederick’s of Hollywood. However, there are many options out there, in which you can look sexy and be comfortable. Oversized T-shirts usually do not meet this criterion especially if they are not in top condition.

Have a date
A special night right in your home. Give a massage to your partner even if he does not correspond, light a nice, natural ingredients based candle with a pleasant fragrance, and use high-quality, natural massage oil. Massages are relaxing for the person who gets them and also for the giver.    

Dance together
Take a class at a local studio or adult education center. If not, shop for dance instruction videos, practice a little at home and then hit the clubs. Going out to dinner or movies are not the only options to entertain yourself.

Take a walk
Nice pleasant romantic walks are a great way to relax and talk. 

Make it special
Once a month or so, try to have a special activities for you and your partner. You may include friends and family but that is up to you. You can visit a place such as museum, art gallery, or join a sport activity, a concert, a day trip, wine tasting, etc. Get out of the routine and do something different. 

If you make the effort small activities that most of the time will not cost a lot of money nor take a lot of time can help you create a more romantic relationship.  

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