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LINDISIMA Meditations


New year resolutions: A year of inner happiness




This year be different by resolving to pamper yourself and enjoying every moment of your precious life. 

Resolve to talk to yourself positively. For every negative thing you say to yourself, promise to tell three good things. For example, when you catch yourself saying, "Oh, I am so stupid," say, "I am kind, I am funny, and I always have good intentions." Another example, when you tell yourself, "I am so fat," you must also say, "I have nice skin, I have beautiful hair, and I like to smile." 



Resolve to pamper your body. Have massages, facials, manicure, pedicures etc. as often as you can afford. They are worth the price. If you cannot go to a spa, you can try to do it yourself at home. Another option is to find a beauty school that may offer the services at a fraction of the price. Do one treatment a month at home and at least once a quarter, when the season changes, you go to the spa. 

Join a club or make your own around a hobby or an area that interests you. It could be cooking, scrap booking, acting, singing, star gazing, swimming and the evergreen hiking, biking, dancing, etc. This way you will meet new people and expand your circle of friends.

Nurture your brain. Read the classics or any books you like, do puzzles, or learn something new, maybe a language or painting. Engage in intellectual activity that takes you away form your normal routine. Keep your brain young.

Give back. We live in a world of materialism and selfishness, but we can change it, starting with ourselves. Pick a charity and volunteer your time, talents, money or a combination. It will give you great spiritual satisfaction. In the end you will realize that you have benefited more than what you gave. 

Nurture your spirit. Devote time for prayer or meditation. You will feel the inner peace.

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