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Do women only want to be rescued?




Do women only want to be rescued?
Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

The famous fashionista Carrie of Sex and the City was wondering in her bedroom about the comment that her friend, New York socialite Charlotte York, made "Women want to be rescued." Carrie wonders, "Is that true? Is that the only thing women want? Rescued by whom? If the prince would not have kissed Snow White, would she have been frozen forever or would she have woken up any way and moved on?"  


-- -

Snow White probably had no other chance, but we do. Our society has changed in a remarkable way in the last 50 years or so. And there are many reasons for it. At the beginning of the 20th century women's life span was about 40 years. Therefore, life needed to start earlier if a woman were going to live for only 40 years; motherhood was a priority. Men used to work and women stayed at home and took care of them and their kids. Women could not survive without a man; women needed to be rescued. 

In our time women have an average lifespan of almost 80 years; double of what it was in the last century. Motherhood can be postponed and in theory marriage can be postponed. 
Women in the USA are studying more than men and they may become main breadwinner in a near future. No wonder our society has changed. 

On the other hand, our values have not changed fast enough and many women, more so Hispanic women, are just waiting to be rescued by the prince. These women have not realized they no longer need to be rescued; they need a man for other reasons, not to take care of them. 

Many women go through life thinking, consciously or unconsciously, that a man will solve all their problems, "Once we are married, everything will be OK." This attitude only set us up for failure. Men are not princes ready to take any challenge to rescue the princesses; they are human beings with their own needs and fears. 

Women in our society have so many options that we do not need anybody else to rescue us; we are the only ones that can rescue ourselves. If you have areas of your life that you want to improve, go ahead; do it for you and for you only or accept yourself as you are. Do not be so naīve that you think someone else can take care of all your problems. Life does not work like that. Live life to the fullest, be happy with who you are and you will see that if you are happy with yourself, you will make others happy, including your man. 

Women are caregivers. We are strong and smart and we have the ability to take care of ourselves; we do not need to be rescued by no one. When we are giving our power to others in exchange for security, we are also giving up our freedom. Are you waiting to be rescued? Do you ever think like that? 

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