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Diva: posing gorgeous in your pictures




Have you noticed how Eva Longoria, Halle Berry, Paris Hilton and other celebrities pose the same way for most pictures? Here are some easy tips to look great in photos:

1- Stand up pretty. This means stand up straight but be natural, not military style. You can do this if you imagine that you are hanging from a cord on the very top of your head. Therefore, your neck is elongated and your ears and shoulders are separated from each other. Tuck in your tummy. 

2- The shoulders are slightly going back so your breasts are in the front looking perky and pretty.

Geena Davis  © HFPA" "63rd Golden Globe Awards®


3- Put one leg in front of the other. That is how Eva Longoria and Halle Berry do it. This way the legs look longer. The knees should be a little bent. Do not lock your knees; this not only damages them but also looks bad. Your feet should be pointing to the front.  With only this your photos will look great with any camera.


4- The camera will capture you slimmer if you rotate your shoulders 3/4 to the front. This will make you and your waist look thinner. 

5- Lower your chin slightly.

6- Look directly in the lens of the camera. Flirt with the camera. Imagine that the camera is your boyfriend.

7- Let your hands be free. Try not to pose with your purse or glasses in your hands. 

8- Practice. The Hollywood divas were not born like that; they learned it. Have your own photo shoot, you can invite a friend or family members to join the photo shoot. Take lots of your pictures, give mutual feedback and keep trying; sooner than you think, you will become a camera diva. 

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