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Old-fashioned beauty tips

Some old beauty and makeup tips make no sense anymore, but are still being used and discussed. Beauty tips change over time, because of new discoveries in skin care and in the case of makeup because of fashion changes. Continues below  



Outdated beauty tips:

Colors for your skin tone
There have been many theories about color base on skin undertone. Theses theories supposedly help to select the best colors of makeup and clothes for each person. They can be very confusing, but the “rules” can help some people, but not all people. It is difficult to generalize and the best advise to select colors is to experiment with all the colors to discover that suit us better.

Brush your hair 100 times every night
When we brush our hair we distribute oils on the scalp throughout the hair and this helps to keep the hair healthy and shiny. In addition to that if using the right brush, we are giving ourselves a scalp massage, which stimulates the follicles and helps keep hair healthy. But 100 times a night is excessive, tedious and unnecessary and a nice scalp massage using the fingertips is better, faster and more pleasant and just brush it a few times.

Cold water in the face
According to this tip using cold water to rinse the face helps to have better skin. The cold water closes the pores for a while and leaves a feeling of vitality in the skin, but it also can be irritating for some skin types and cause broken capillaries. It is not recommended for sensitive skin or prone to broken capillaries and generally lukewarm water is a better choice.

Baby oil
Using baby oil to soften skin is common. Baby oil is mineral oil with fragrance. Mineral oil does not add nutrients to the skin, but it creates a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss, and therefore, helps to keep the skin moist, but it also clogs pores and causes pimples and blackheads in people prone to it. One advantage is that it does not produce allergies and it is cheap. It is ideal for very dry areas like heels but it is better to avoid it on the face.

Dark lip liner, blue eye shadow
Fashions can and go in makeup, there cannot be rules on colors, and now we have Mac and other cosmetic companies that teach us the colors of the seasons.


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