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Beauty - Skin care 

Skin care: Oily skin  

Oily skin is easy to identify because it looks shiny and feels oily at the touch. The pores tend to be large and it tends to develop black and white heads. On the positive side, it is a strong and resistant skin and develops less expression lines than other skin types.  Continues below  







The glands in this skin type are very active and produce extra secretions that are responsible for all of the above characteristics. In order to keep these secretions in control, we need to take some simple measures. 

How to take care of oily skin

Oily skin, as we said, is resistant and traditionally the products for this skin type have used very strong ingredients that are not really needed. Many cosmetic lines use pure alcohol to control the secretions, and try to over-dry this skin, producing the opposite effect. The skin feels under attack and produces even more secretions.

The main rule to remember if you have oily skin is keeping your skin clean. Use a cleanser preferably without strong perfumes or colors. We recommend not using soap because it may be too alkaline for the skin. If you can, clean it three times a day. If not, at least try to clean in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.

Always take your makeup off before going to bed. Gloria Estefan said, "It does not matter how tired I am; I always take my makeup off before sleeping." If you do not take it off, you are obstructing your pores and they cannot breathe. This may result in development of black heads or pimples.

Your cleanser does not have to be special for oily skin, but a cleanser with salicylic acid may be good if you have tendency to acne.

The use of toner is controversial. You do not really need it with the modern cleansers, but it feels good on the skin and helps eliminate residues from the cleanser.

Apply a moisturizer for your skin type. If you are over 30, you may want to use a special moisturizer with active anti-aging ingredients at night.

In the morning always use sun protector on your face, arms, and hands.

Proceed with your non-comedogenic makeup.

Note: Try to keep your hair clean, because the oils from the hair tend to go on the face. Try not to touch your face often with your hands because you are putting extra bacteria and dirt on your face every time you do it, and in your skin type, bacteria grows fast and dirt blocks pores producing pimples or black heads. 

   Special care: Weekly care

Try to apply a mask to purify your skin, such as a clay mask.
Twice a week, exfoliate your face to eliminate dead cells. Do not over-exfoliate if you use a moisturizer with AHA or retinol, and in that case, you may exfoliate only once a week.

Special care

If you can afford regular facials, it will be great to have them done professionally; otherwise, do one at home following our procedure. Steps for home face care

   Taking care of your skin internally

It is important to drink water to keep our system clean as well as to have a healthy diet to eliminate toxins. Dr. Perricone recommends taking supplements and to avoid foods that cause inflammation to the skin.

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