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Beauty - Skin care 

By Ruth B. Schierenbeck
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One of the biggest skin care challenges is the neck and décolleté area. Most women completely ignore and neglect this delicate area in their daily skin care routine.   



It will most likely never see any moisturizer or an exfoliating scrub. But any close-up look will reveal the damages of such neglect: the neck and décolleté area easily will show a women's age if it is dry, wrinkled and has horizontal lines showing.

Lack of a proper skin care routine and sun overexposure on the neck and décolleté result in dryness and a lack of elasticity. This premature aging process is also affected by the use of harsh alkaline products such as soaps, which will contribute to excessive moisture loss and sensitivities. Also impurities on the side of the neck and on the décolleté, often seen on long-distance runners, are sure signs of neglect. Many clients with an oily complexion on the face are very reluctant to apply a moisturizer on the neck and décolleté, because they do not think they need it; but this assumption is mistaken.

Skin care regimens should not end at the chin. You need to take it down a notch!

   Don't neglect the neck and décolleté

Remember that the neck muscle (Platysma) is not connected to a bone structure and is prone to lose its elasticity. It also contains very little fatty tissue and has less sebaceous glands than on the face. The lack of sebaceous glands makes this area very prone to dryness and wrinkle formation. This is why this delicate area requires a special daily home care routine, as well as a monthly professional in-salon treatment to maintain its natural firmness, prevent moisture loss and keep its natural youthful, smooth appearance. 

Special attention should be given to the skin on the décolleté. Prone to sensitivities with no fat tissue, it also will easily show signs of dryness, premature wrinkling, and pigmentation spots due to too much sun exposure.

Moving further south on the body, the female bust is formed and composed of different types of tissues: glandular, fat, and connective. The breast has no muscles, bands or sinews to support it, with the exception of the large breast muscle (running from the shoulder to the middle of the chest), which connects it to the bone structure. Too many women still are using harsh soaps for showering and never or infrequently apply moisturizer on this delicate area, not to mention never using a body scrub on this area. Yet bust treatments are still very uncommon in salon and spas in America, compared to their European counterparts, where décolleté and bust treatments are an essential part of a professional monthly salon visit.

   Extending the Facial Treatment

Your aesthetician or yourself should always incorporate the skin on the neck and décolleté in all facial treatment steps such as exfoliation, extraction procedures, ampoule and mask applications. 

You should incorporate on a regular basis a gentle cleanser, exfoliation scrub and an application of a specialty neck and décolleté cream, which improves the skin's natural firmness and beauty and helps ensure long-lasting, youthful looking skin. 

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