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Milk, honey, and yogurt

The milk baths were made legendary by Cleopatra. The milk and its derivates contain lactic acid, which helps to exfoliate your skin. So when you came out of the tub your skin will be literally baby soft.  



This is particularly good for men because they rarely do anything like this. In Turkey and in particular and many other countries, milk has given its place to kefir or yogurt. They have similar results and are only a variation of the treatment. 


Some people complain that after a milk bath they feel the skin slightly oily, and this is true. You can use fat free milk instead to avoid this, but the oily sensation means that your skin got some good humectants. Who does not need natural moisturizer in the skin, especially in dry climates? 

You can use regular milk or powder milk; two to three cups of regular milk are generally enough, but you may use as much as you want. Follow the instructions for powder milk. A small inconvenience of using milk is that you have to clean the tub very well after the bath, but the softness in the skin is well worth the trouble. 

You may add oats to soothe the skin and thicken the water. 

You may put one or two teaspoons of honey for fragrance and to add nutrients to the water.

If you prefer, you can purchase a product containing milk. There are some really yummy smells. And as with the mineral bath, you may use essential oils to add aroma. 

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