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I love magazines.  Let me confess that I am addicted to reading. I do it more than watching television or listening to music. 

So I have to constantly find stuff to read, be it for my reading while I watch television or eat my meals (when I am alone) or to read in the bathroom and on planes or while killing time anywhere where I have to line up.  As you can very well guess, I was spending a lot of money on reading material, particularly magazines.




Initially I would simply buy whatever I fancied in a bookstore but that was just too much. So I made a list of the magazines that I really liked and subscribed to them. It still was a lot of money.


I tried to use my airline miles to order subscriptions, but when I added up my yearly expenses on magazines, despite my best efforts, I was still paying a lot. 

How did I discover eBay?

I never really got into eBay. In fact I used to think that it was crowded with people who were essentially trading junk 
with each other. Then as I talked to a friend of mine who was making a living selling antiques on eBay, I realized that I had to explore it. I started by buying small things here and there and then I started to bid on fashion magazines from the fifties and sixties since I wanted to make some artwork. It was during that period that I discovered that you can buy magazines not only from five decades ago but also bid on 
magazine subscriptions. And the prices are simply incredible. Recently we bought subscriptions for six magazines for one to three years and the total price is less than $6. 

A few things to remember about magazine subscriptions on eBay:

Magazines are often sold in bundles at lower prices so you might end up receiving some that make no sense for you.
Some magazines are simply not available at these low prices.
The durations of each magazines can vary. So while some subscription might be for one year, others will be for longer durations.

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