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Always young, always bella
Easy ways to look young for long time





Many intrepid warriors have looked for the fountain of youth in far lands. The legend said that if someone drinks from this fountain the magic water will allow that person to never age. Never age. Well, back to reality: we all age. However most of us would love to stop aging. 

Modern science has make remarkable discoveries in this field and now we understand better why we age and how to delay it; in other words, we are closer to the fountain of youth. From plastic surgery to fantastic creams and serums and even better complete health systems to delay the clock. Among these systems the Perricone books are on top of the list. 




The book "The Perricone Promise : Look Younger, Live Longer in Three Easy Steps" by world-renowned dermatologist and best-selling author Dr. Nicholas Perricone is very timely. Dr. Perricone's ideas are found controversial by many dermatologists, but he has many loyal followers, including some celebrities. Although some of his recommendations maybe controversial, others are well in line with modern science and even with common sense. 

Does it work? 

  • This is why we like Dr. Perricone's approach: 
    It is easy to follow
  • The results don't take months or years to show 
  • It is not based on dieting or any other fad; it is a new way of living your life and having a better lifestyle 
    Once you develop the habits recommended, you will hopefully retain them for life 

Everyone knows what you need to do in order to lose weight (eat less and right and exercise more) but not many of us get it right. The reason: we lack the motivation and discipline to make it happen. The same applies with the Perricone approach. If you are not willing to make fundamental changes in your life, this is not going to work.

While most of the steps in the Perricone program are pretty simple and straightforward (e.g. do not drink coffee and switch to green tea), others will cost you money (e.g. neuropeptide cream). So if you want to strictly follow the Perricone system, be prepared to spend a couple of hundred bucks on supplements and skin creams. 

Concluding remarks on becoming, looking, and feeling younger 

The Perricone system includes:

  • Eat high quality proteins in every meal. Dr. Perricone calls high quality proteins as fish, white meat and eggs.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits particularly deep colored ones such as blueberries (and all berries).
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.
  • Avoid sugar and processed meals.
  • Use good fats such as olive oil, flaxseed oil and nuts.

For Dr. Perricone, sugar is the bad guy. He is of course not the first one to say this. In traditional esthetics, it was always thought this way. Your skin shows what you eat and sugar and bad fats are enemies of your radiance and will make you look older sooner. 

With that said, remember happiness and a heart without sadness and resentment is the best cure for delaying aging. Stress, not sleeping enough, and constant worry will age you. 

It's all in your head. Once you redirect your mind to rethink the whole age dimension, everything else will fall into place. As I always say, You are old when you think you are old. If you can change the way you think, everything else is easy. 

No one thing will do the trick. If you sip gallons of green tea, it will help but what you really need to do is to make structural changes in the way you live (eat, drink, exercise, sleep, attitude, etc.). 

Don't give up till you reach your goal. Each person is different and the results will be different for each one of us. Some might notice the difference in a matter of days but others might take months. But if you make the changes that are needed to become younger, you will notice how young you look and feel.

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