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If life gives you lemons… forget the lemonade

Yes, forget the lemonade, lemons can be used in so many ways. Why boring lemonade when you can use lemons in so many other fun ways such as beauty treats, health and cleaning of your home?   



The humble lemons are capable of providing excellent flavor to foods. They can also be used to preserve and to bleach. In this article, however, we will focus on the many uses of lemons for natural beauty recipes.

Lemons are very rich in vitamin C and many other valuable nutrients and these constituents give lemons a unique position in skin care applications. Because of their versatility, they have been used since ancient times for beauty products. Lemons originally come from Asia; it is believed by many that India is their birthplace.  -

   What lemon can do for your skin?

They are widely used in home beauty preparations. If you mix it with Aloe Vera, it can be used as a cleanser. Some people use them, diluted with water, as toners for oily skin. Though many experts and books recommend lemons for skin hyper pigmentation (darker areas in the skin or pregnancy marks), we do not recommend this use because it can irritate the skin. They can also be used as deodorants for the armpits or feet.

The list of the lemon's benefits is extensive. Although we are talking of fresh lemons here, lemon essential oil has the same properties and they can be used interchangeably. Let's take a quick look at some of its potential uses.

   Other benefits of lemons

Its clean aroma helps to uplift our spirit and calm the nerves.  For this reason they should not be used prior to sleeping since lemons make us energetic and uplifted. 

Its soft, refreshing fragrance can be used in candles and oil burners or you may use fresh lemon peel in a bowl of hot water.

It is believed that lemons help to reduce high blood pressure. 

It helps digestion because it activates the intestines' secretions. 

In skin care it has astringent properties and it helps to bleach and whiten the skin. 

Lemons help to stimulate circulation. This is the reason why many aromatherapy soaps have lemon essential oil. 
Because of its high vitamin C content, it helps boost the immune system. 


   Caution while using lemons

Anything in excess is bad. So first and foremost, do not ingest it in large amounts because it may cause acidity. 

Lemons as well as other citric fruits cause skin photosensitivity. In other words, it makes the skin more sensitive to the sun. For this reason if you apply lemon or lemon essential oil to your skin do not expose your body to the sun for a few hours.

Lemon can also irritate your skin, so exercise caution when applying undiluted over you face. And of course some people may be allergic to lemons. 

Natural Beauty Recipes with Lemons 

Natural Beauty Recipes with Lemon Essential Oil

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