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Latina's skin. Are we different than other races?


First of all who is a Latina? Is she a beautiful, hot girl: JLo type? Is she a classic beauty: Rita Hayworth type? Latinas, as the census says, may be of any race. We can also add of any color, any size, any age, any whatever. We are not one type. Do not believe in stereotypes.  Continues below  




So is it there a Latina skin type then? After all there are even cosmetic lines for Latinas. No, there is not a Latina skin type. There are many Latina skin types and skin tones.


   Embracing Latina colors

Many Latinas have beautiful skin colors that go from the very pale (rare) to the very dark African colors. Most of us are somewhere in between, most of us have varying degrees of tan. Many of us are Morenas; morena clara, morena oscura or trigueñas. Our beautiful skin tones make us look healthy without burning under the sun. These tones also have more propensity to develop spots and discolorations, so we need to protect our skin using sun block. 

Let's get out of the Conquistador's world (still prevalent in many parts of Latin America); that was over long time ago. All skin colors are beautiful. Embrace you Latin identity, embrace it, be proud of yourself, and accept your physique.

So skin color apart, are there other differences in Latin skin and that of other races? No, there not. Our skin types come in the same types and our skin care is the same. The marketing message and advertising to Latinas is, of course, different, because we have different values even if we grew up in the USA.

   Some unique facts about Latinas:

We consume more lipstick than any other ethnic group in the United States
We use brighter colors in our makeup and use more makeup in general
We use more perfumes
We are very image conscious
We like to shop with friends and family
We like brands
We like bargains

   So what about the cosmetic lines for Latinas?

We are a very large, attractive market. However, when it comes to makeup, it is easier to find a good color for us in one of these Latina cosmetic lines than in a regular cosmetic line, especially for foundations or base, but the large makeup companies such as Mac or Stila do have all colors. And if they do not, you can always buy two tones and mix one for yourself.

According to Dr. Katz from the Java Medical spa in New York, "Latinas are not more prone to develop stretch marks or have more healing problems during plastic surgery. Dr.  Bruck also from Java Medical Spa thinks that Latinas are good patients, very appreciative of the doctor's work and effort. 

So you may purchase any skin care line.
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