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Planning for the holidays




Such a beautiful time of the year has unfortunately become the most hectic and stressful time for a lot of people. But it does not have to be like that. It also does not have to be a time to overspend and get into debt so that you will suffer long after the holidays are gone. These are some ideas:

Decide what you want for the holidays
Traditions are great but if you do not really enjoy them, ask yourself, do I really want this? 


Make changes to your traditions. Here are a few examples.  My friend’s sister donates money in his name to a charity instead of the traditional gift. One makeup artist I know celebrates Christmas after the date so that she can travel to see her family more comfortably and cheaper. A vegetarian friend makes vegetarian dishes for her family’s dinner.          

Plan ahead
Once you decide what you want, plan ahead. Set a calendar now and put dates for preparing and sending out Christmas cards, set your menu, and plan other holiday activities.

Buy ahead of time and be a smart shopper
Use the Internet as much as you can. You will avoid all the rush on the roads and in the shops. You will have a wider choice and can shop without distractions and impulse purchase. 

And while you can buy on specialty websites, you don’t have to. Discount retailers like Target and Wal-Mart offer lower prices and more choices online.

While it is difficult to stick to a budget when you are truly immersed in the holiday spirit, it is even more difficult to pay large bills afterwards. If you will miss payments or pay high interest on your credit card, it will hurt you – your credit score may suffer plus you will end up paying a lot more in the end. So set your budget and stick to it.

Plan for yourself
Get your appointments for haircuts, hair color, manicure, pedicure, etc. Holidays are about looking great, enjoying the time with friends and family but that does not meaning pigging out. 

Budget your calories 

Only eat what you rally love. Do not force yourself to eat just because there is food in front of you. According to several studies, most of the calories that people accumulate during the holidays stay with them forever.

Have a great holiday season.  

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