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How to make a Henna tattoo: Menhdi

You will need

Time: An experienced henna artist applies most small to medium designs in about 10 minutes. For a beginner, plan on 30 minutes for tattoo. You will need to leave the henna on the hands for about 5 hours.
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During this time you can watch TV or do other activities that will not affect the henna. If you have henna on the hands you have obviously less choices. After the henna is wiped off you need not wash the part where the tattoo is placed for about 10 to 14 hours. If you do not leave the henna for enough time or if you wash the tattoo area the tattoo will not last for a long time.


Henna. You can purchase henna on the Internet, in health food stores or in ethnic stores (Middle eastern or Indian). You can use natural henna, which is brown in color or colored henna. There are also hennas with special pigments such as glitter. Avoid using henna for hair because it may have additives. 

Applicator. Some henna packages come with an applicator; if not, you will need a cone of paper or a plastic bag. This is used the same way as a cake-icing decorator. You can also purchase an applicator. 

Henna essential oil (eucalyptus essential oil or a mixture of clove and eucalyptus oils). 

Design pattern. Even if it is your original design, you should draw it on paper first.

A couple of orange nail sticks or toothpicks.

Lemon juice with sugar. Equal part of juice, water and sugar.

Tea or coffee (to darken the color, optional). 



Making the henna paste. Most henna for tattoos or menhdi comes with instructions. So just follow these instructions. In general this is what you need to do: mix about 2 tablespoons of henna with enough water, tea or coffee to make a paste similar to tooth paste in consistency and add about 4 drops of clove oil, if you want a darker color. The amount of henna depends on the size of the tattoo you want.

Making your tattoo
Make sure your hands are clean without any oil residues.
Put everything you need handy.
Start applying the henna following your design as if you were decorating a cake. If you make a mistake try to correct it immediately using the toothpick or orange stick. If your hand feels dry apply with a piece of cotton or cloth the lemon juice mix to keep it fresh so it is absorbed better. The henna lines have to be tri-dimensional not flat.
Once you finish, leave the henna on for about 5 hours. After this take it off carefully. Do not wash the area and avoid water for the following 8 to 14 hours so the tattoo lasts. 

If you use contact lenses, be careful applying henna on the finger you use to put your lenses or your eyes may became irritated. 

There you have it. It is fun and easy.  Read first part:  Henna tattoos

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