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In a press report a few years ago, the media reported that Mexican restaurant food was the highest in fat content and it was impossible to be healthy by eating Mexican cuisine regularly. The researchers did no research on traditional Mexican food or on spa Mexican food. Mexican food can be healthy and delicious and many spas and chefs in Mexico have proved it.

The following are adaptation of some traditional recipes


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Chile-chicken Quesadillas

4 low fat flour-tortillas fajita size
1/2 cup of low fat cheese. This can be a mix of Mexican cheeses or plain mozzarella
½ poblano chile roasted
½ red pepper roasted
4 ounces of cooked chicken. It can be grilled, salted, boiled or any leftover chicken from other dish.
2 tbs of chopped onions
A couple of branches of fresh cilantro

You can use the toaster oven or a non-stick pan. You should spray the pan or tortillas with butter or oil. 
Cut the pepper, onion and chicken in long strips.
Put the cheese on top of two tortillas and put the half of the pepper, onion, and chicken. Put more cheese on top of the veggies and put the other tortilla on top of everything.
Put the tortillas on the oven or the pan until the cheese has melted.

Cut the tortillas into 4 or 6 pieces and serve with salsa fresca cruda made at home or store bought.  (salsa cruda is tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime juice, salt and pepper put everything in the blender o food processor)

For a full meal you may add a salad and soup. 

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