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Igniting Passion in the Bedroom With Feng Shui





By Kathy Quinn
Feng Shui can help you to create a romantic ambiance in your bedroom. With these simple steps you can create positive energy for romance, relaxation. and passion whenever you are with your lover. 

If you find yourself having to leave home to become romantically inspired, try enhancing the romance in your life right at home by following these Feng Shui guidelines:



-- -

1- Location. The best location for the master bedroom is in the back of the house away from street noise.   

2- Purpose. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and used only for its intended purpose -- a retreat for rest and romance where you can escape from the stress of your day.

3- Distractions. Remove any distractions, for example, exercise equipment, computers, and televisions. These objects are energetically calling out for you to use them, they are distractions to romance and they take away from the room's restful qualities. 

4- Neutral. Be sure to decorate in a gender-neutral fashion using warm flesh-toned colors. Don't use a bed full of frilly pillows and dolls and men, don't hang that stuffed marlin from your fishing trip to Cabo in the bedroom. 

5- Tricks. If you or your partner like to read in bed, replace your light bulbs with low wattage pink bulbs to remove that temptation and you'll also be creating a warm, cozy atmosphere.

6- Photos. It is important to remove photos of people other than your romantic partner. Are there photographs of your children, your parents, friends, or others in your bedroom? You will subconsciously feel these people are "watching" what is going on in the room. Yikes! 

7- Artwork. Does the art work in your bedroom inspire passion and love? As an extreme example, those pictures of dogs playing poker is not romantic. The bedroom is the place to display sensual art such as pictures or statuary of couples kissing or holding hands.

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- About the author:  Kathy Quinn lives in Portsmouth, NH, and is the author of Feng Shui for your Home and Garden - An Easy Guide for Everyone and Feng Shui for Success, an essential guide for the workplace. For more relationship tips, visit her website, www.HomeandGardenFengShui.com  She may be contacted at KathyQuinnFS@hotmail.com.   

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