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LINDISIMA Meditations


Women learn to be independent-




by Imfwama Wotela
Women are considered the weaker sex and have had to suffer greatly just to prove that they are as good as their male counterparts. Depending on the society or culture, women are best left to look after a marriage, house and children, but I believe women in every society, no matter how developed, have had to overcome this barrier. 

Fortunately enough, today they are breaking ground and if they are alert there are so many doors and opportunities waiting for them though the battle is still raging on.   


-- -

The world is still mostly male-dominated, as most of the power is in their hands but it takes a courageous, strong, wise and confident woman to stand up and prove that she is capable of running any affair in life - be it domestic or national affairs. If both men and women are given equal opportunities so much can be achieved in the world, and this imbalance in some extreme cases has delayed development. 

In Africa, female leaders like to say, "When you educate a woman, you educate a nation" and how true this is.

Our discussion today is not about being equal or trying to compare a woman to a man, but what is more important than that is the alternative solution, which is empowering a woman so that she can stand out and be respected without having to fight as the results and achievements will speak on her behalf.

Empowerment, as the word states, means to enable or authorize or give power. It is better to have command than to fight as to who is better because with power the sky is the limit and the only one who can stop you is yourself when you give it over. So many times, we can spend much time in useless arguments with men just to prove that you are worthy as a woman when there is a cheaper and easier way to win this battle. As the main reason we actually fight is for power and the kind of power is financial power, so if it is power we are fighting for, then the best way is to get to know how to gain this power. 

With power comes responsibility and independence and it takes all forms and little do women realize that they can have and already have some of this power within themselves. We all have a certain power or potential within us but it is going to take you believing that you have it inside you and doing the right thing so that it will manifest itself. A matchstick can produce fire but it will take you rubbing in on the right surface to ignite that fire. Without that it will just remain a matchstick. Get it?

For instance, you have inside you:

    Power to choose
    Power to think
    Power to learn new things
    Power to speak your mind

That needs to be ignited!
How do you get this power?

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