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Beauty - Skin care 

Skin care: Dry skin  

This type of skin has a very fine texture and the pores are very small. At a young age, it looks very pretty. It is a very fragile skin type, though, and prone to develop expression lines and wrinkles. It may also look flaky.   Continues below  



You need to take care of you skin from early age to prevent deep expression lines and early wrinkles.

   Basic care
Clean your face twice a day with a very gentle face cleanser. It does not need to be rich, but it needs to be gentle. Try not to use products that irritate your skin, such as strong fragrances or colors. Toner after cleansing is optional, but desirable. Use products for your skin type.

Avoid soap on your face; soap is a very alkaline product that may irritate your skin. Avoid also any products rich in alcohol, because it dries up the skin. 

You also need a rich moisturizer to help the skin keep up with its lack of natural sebum. However, you do not need to put heavy mineral oils or petroleum products on your face. If you are over 30, you may want to use a night cream with active ingredients such as retinol. 

   Special care

Although your skin is so delicate you still need to exfoliate to keep it fresh and help with cellular regeneration. Use a very gentle exfoliant once a week and try to use a moisturizing mask right after. 

Try to have a home facial once a month and every two-month a professional facial, if you can.

   Taking care of your skin naturally

It is important to drink water to keep your system clean and hydrated. You need to take care of your nutrition as well to help your skin to find a balance. 

Try to always eat fresh foods rich in nutrients, like your abuelas (grandmothers) used to. Some supplements containing Omega-3 fatty acids may benefit your skin, so you can also consume this oil from either flax seeds or salmon, among others. Pick butter over margarine and a little bit of butter or olive oil is also good for you. 

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