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Instant gratification or delayed gratification?




Americans are famous (or should I say, notorious) for asking for instant gratification in everything. The book “The Road Less Traveled” talks about delayed gratification. 

Accomplishing great goals requires usually small steps. Someone said, “All great journeys start with one step.” One of the reasons new year resolutions and goals are two different things is that resolutions do not require plans, but goals require execution plans and controls. Instant gratification is a myth.  


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Do not base your life on the instant gratification principle. Most things in life require time and effort. If you work towards a goal and make sacrifices to accomplish this at the end, that goal will be better for you than the things you did not do in order to reach it. 

If you want to lose weight, do not look for a diet that promises result in the shortest time possible. Look for a diet that works for you, that includes a variety of foods, that you can follow easily and it will teach you how to eat better for the rest of your life. This diet will give you long term results. This diet will give you results, little by little, slowly but surely. This is delayed gratification, but it is the safest and best path to follow.

If you are looking for the shortest way to everything, you are setting up yourself for disappointment, and sometimes, even failure. Life does not work according to our script; it has its own rhythm. If we follow this rhythm and make it a fun trip, we will be happier.  

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