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Beauty - at home spa treatments 

Easy every day exfoliation

Body scrubs have grown in popularity in recent years.  All spas offer a large variety of body exfoliations.   


The exfoliations clear the skin of dead cells and help in its natural renewal process.  This gives a healthy glow to the skin.

But body exfoliation is not a new concept.  In most cultures women used to exfoliate their bodies as part of the bath or shower.

You may also exfoliate your body as part of your cleansing routine one or twice a week.  The following is a short list of simple ideas.

   Mango seeds

Do not throw them away. Clean them and when you want to exfoliate, take a shower and rub them on your body.


This natural exfoliant is cheap and convenient. Use it during the shower as a sponge. They have a relatively short life, because they can develop fungus if you do not dry them after every use.

   Plastic gloves

Or gloves made of natural materials such as sisal gloves: Use them as a sponge to apply the soap on your body.

   Body brush

Look for one with soft bristles and brush your body after or before the shower.



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