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Igniting Passion in the Bedroom With Feng Shui 2 part





By Kathy Quinn  (read 1 part: feng shui for passion)

7- Artwork
. Does the art work in your bedroom inspire passion and love? As an extreme example, those pictures of dogs playing poker is not romantic. The bedroom is the place to display sensual art such as pictures or statuary of couples kissing or holding hands.

8- Use pairs. Consider the other objects in your room and, wherever possible, use pairs. Two pillows, two candles or two matching prints symbolize a couple. 



-- -

9- Position. When it comes to your bed, the most important thing is that you position it so that you are able to see the door to the room while lying down. This is referred to as the "power position." If you have your back to the door, it creates a subconscious feeling of vulnerability.  

10- Lock it. Having a lock on the bedroom door will also erase feelings of vulnerability and you won't have any uninvited visitors.

11- Equality. Visually indicate equality by making sure that your bed is accessible from both sides and that you have equal-sized bedside tables. And, don't forget privacy. 

12- Let it go. Let go of everything possessing the lingering energy of past relationships. During a consultation for a couple whose relationship was struggling, I discovered the wedding dress from the woman's first marriage hanging among her husband's clothes. Talk about a romance killer! Remove everything from your previous love life from your bedroom. Replace your bed or your mattress or, at the very least, invest in new, luxurious bed linens that encourage sensuality.

As you can see, Feng Shui is about common sense and logic. When creating your own personal paradise, be aware of the messages that each and every item you place in your bedroom is sending to both you and your partner. 

Feng Shui is about arranging your surroundings to enhance your life. Our environment affects us on a subconscious level, and we sometimes don't realize how much it may be negatively influencing our lives. Once we become aware of how our environment affects us, we can empower it. 

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- About the author:  Kathy Quinn lives in Portsmouth, NH, and is the author of Feng Shui for your Home and Garden - An Easy Guide for Everyone and Feng Shui for Success, an essential guide for the workplace. For more relationship tips, visit her website, www.HomeandGardenFengShui.com  She may be contacted at KathyQuinnFS@hotmail.com.   

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