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Tea Bath 

This bath is relaxing, it is exotic and it helps to balance your body temperature and makes your skin soft. There is no doubt about the proven effects of teas on your body and its health benefits.  




You can use the same ingredients of tea to nourish your skin. You will need the following items. You can either buy them one by one, or better still, just order them online. Many websites provide excellent tea bath sets that come with instructions also. 


2 tablespoon of green tea 
2 tablespoon of loose peppermint tea
2 tablespoon pf chamomile tea
1 piece of cheesecloth cut in a circle of about 15 inches diameter
3 tablespoon of oat flour.
5 drops of lavender essential oil
5 drops of neroli essential oil.
Aloe vera. 

   Instructions for a Tea bath 

1- Prepare the tea pouch, mix the herbs, and put them in a cheesecloth and then tighten it up.

2- Prepare your tub with hot water and put there the tea pouch and the oat flour. Leave the tea in the hot water for a few minutes. 

3- When the water reaches a temperature just above body temperature, slip into the bath. Relax, let your stress out. This is the moment just for you. If the water becomes too cold, add more hot water.

4- When the bath is complete, dry yourself, and apply the aloe vera. 

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