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Beauty - Skin care 

The most effective anti-aging products 

We all dream of a revolutionary cream that will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and eliminate flaccid skin. Well, that product is not here yet, but science has discovered some new ingredients that put us close to that goal.   



However, believe it or not, but the most effective products to prevent premature aging and to minimize wrinkles are very simple, everyday products.

   Sun Block

The sun, the magical star that keeps life on our planet, is the main culprit for our aging signs. Sun's radiations cause enormous damage to the skin. It irritates it and makes it more susceptible to all other skin-damaging factors. Its worst consequence is skin cancer. 

The sun causes skin pigmentation or melasma that is also known as age spots, pregnancy mask, and other such terms. In Spanish it is manchas o paño. This hyper pigmentation is not only on the face. We can have the so-called age spots on hands and arms as well. In other words, in all places where the sun touches us.

Sun makes the skin dry and can damage it permanently by changing its structure. It affects the production of collagen. Collagen is what keeps our skin supple and radiant. So our skin looks flaky, opaque, and tired if sun is successful in damaging our collagen.

Most of these effects can be prevented by using sun block, and as our abuelas did, avoid the sun at peak times. You remember that the abuelas used umbrellas and hats to prevent the sun from hitting them on their faces. So sun protection is not a new concept, but it is definitely the most important one.

   Basic care

If you follow a simple beauty routine that includes:

using a moisturizer

you are protecting your skin.  A more complete routine includes: exfoliation, eye cream and sun block.  

   Good nutrition

How does a sick person's skin look like? It may look dull, swollen or irritated. The skin is our largest organ and it is not independent of other body's functions. 

What we eat and our general health affects our skin. Our health starts with our nutrition; if you do not eat right, sooner or later this will reflect in your skin.


Look at a smoker's skin! By the time they are 30, they are aging faster than non-smokers. Their skin is being gradually intoxicated from the inside. Besides, lines form around the mouth because of continued nicotine inhalation.

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