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Makeup to look younger

We all have seen the marvelous makeovers on TV, how people get transformed with the power of professional help: a hairdresser, a makeup artist and a stylist (a person that helps you select the clothes).



Makeup is the icing on the cake. It is the last step in a makeover. It can make everything else better or even ruin it. We have seen celebrities with great makeup and also with makeup that can make them not look their best.

Makeup can also help you look younger or older. 

Make up to look younger
Less is more. Too much make up can age you. This is a common problem in some parts of Latin America, in particular Mexico, where heavy eye makeup can add years to the look.  

Lighter lipstick. Darker lipsticks are great for people with full lips. As we age, lighter lipsticks are better. 

Keep it modern. You do not have to keep up with every fashion trend, but do not fall in the trap to use always the same type and style of makeup. Look at pictures in fashions magazines and style websites and always try something new.

Lighter eyeliner. Very dark eyeliner can make the look too hard and emphasize fine lines around the eyes. You can switch from black to charcoal, dark grays, dark blues and similar colors. 

Keep you eyebrows in shape. After 35, try to have them a little fuller than in your 20s. Very fine brown gives an aged look.

Keep hands and feet in top shape. Have a pedicure and manicure regularly or give one yourself.

Avoid teens' fashions. Some fashions are just for teens and if these are used by older women, they do not look good. An example of this is glitter. You can use a little bit of shine, but leave the extra glitter for the teens. 


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