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Star treatment for your hair

As you know Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria share in common more than their Texas roots; they also go to the same hairdresser, Ken Paves.  (Continues below) 

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Ken Paves has a product line and a salon in Hollywood. He has given many interviews and given bits and pieces of advice. We have collected some of his tips to have a glorious mane.

1- Do not wash your hair every day; it gets damaged.

2- Do not wash your hair the same day you have a great event such as a wedding to attend (or to be the bride); wash it the night before. That way the hair natural oils will add moisture and it will look better. 

3- It is important to have healthy hair.

4- If you want to look different, use hair extensions; the celebrities do it all the time. 

5- When you wash your hair, wrap the towel around and press it. Do not squeeze it, because you may break it. 

6- The signature hairstyle of Jessica Simpson is easy to get if you have naturally wavy hair. Wash it the night before, put a light conditioner and let it air dry. The next day the hair will have loose waves. Then Ken forms more structured curves using the curling iron.

There you have a star treatment for your hair at no cost.

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