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Golden girl: selecting self tanners

By now you probably know how to use self-tanners, but that this is not the whole story. A important step is how to select the right self tanner for you. Here are some tips: (continues below) 


Select the right color

This is very tricky, because it is difficult to know how your skin will react to the product. If you select the wrong color, you may end up looking very orange or other undesired tone. The best advice is to have a conservative approach and select just one or two tones darker than your skin color. As you get familiar with the product you can go darker later on.

If you can try many colors in the store, do so in a small area of your body by making a strip on the leg, and taking notes of which color you are trying. Go home and wait so you can see the final results the next day.

Face or body
There are self-tanners for the face and the body. Try not to use the body self tanner on the face, because that may cause irritation. 

This is a consideration, because the time you need to leave them on to dry varies from product to product. Some need only 10 minutes, others 40 minutes; during this time you have to be naked and standing up.

If you want to use tanners for a special occasion, like wedding or a party, do not schedule this treatment for the last moment. First of all, do no try a new color that you are not familiar with. Two, get it done ahead of time. I remember one story in which the bride went for her treatment the day before and on the actual day she looked like a monster and ended up spoiling her bridal dress, pictures, and everyone commented on the awkward look.

Keeping your tone
Usually in order to keep the tone you will need to reapply every week or ten days. Read the label to know the manufacture’s recommendation.

Applying it
The self-tanners come in many forms, including sprays, creams and liquids. Usually it is easier to apply creams, but the sprays are handy for large areas such as the legs and back. 

This product is almost the same in all categories, it depends on your budget and preference for a brand.

Read how to apply self-tanners 

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