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Rose water for your skin

Rose water and rose hydrosol are widely used in skin care. In addition to t heir marvelous fragrance they have other benefits. Continues below  



Rose water uses in skin care
The rose water is suitable for all skin types:

1- It helps balance and tone oily skin
2- Calms and refreshes dry and sensitive skin
3- It purifies and cleanses the normal skin
4- Helps to tone and rejuvenate mature skin
5- Help reduce inflammation of skin with acne or eczema and heal better
6- Men and women can use after shaving to help soothe irritated skin
7- It helps to heal burns and wounds
8- Rose water helps balance the pH of the skin
9- Its aroma is soothing and gives a sense of joy and happiness

How to use rose water for skin care
There are several ways you can use it. These are some of the most common: It can be used as a toner or astringent. Can be used alone or combined with other ingredients depending on skin type. One recipe is:

1- Oily skin, normal and acne: Mix 1 cup of rose water with four drops of glycerine and half a cup of witch hazel.

2- Dry and sensitive skin: the above recipe without the witch hazel.

3- Scented water
Put the rose water in a spray bottle and use as a perfume spray. The bottle has to remain completely sealed to preserve the scent.

Homemade beauty recipes
Water can be substituted for rose water in homemade beauty recipes for masks or moisturizer for added benefits.
Headaches, lightheadedness and fatigue

To eliminate stress and similar ailments wet a cloth with cold water, remove the excess water, spray this with rose water and put it on the forehead and eyes.

The real rose water is a byproduct of rose essential oil production. Read the ingredients to make sure you are not buying rose fragrance mixed with water, it does not have the same properties as real rose water. You can make rose water at home, but it is difficult.

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