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Luscious lips 3 part: Permanent lip fillers

Permanent fillers for lip augmentation 
If you want a permanent solution there are options, but many doctors will recommend that you first try the temporary fillers to determine if you like how you look with fuller lips.


If you choose a permanent option, you can either have implants in your lips or have a fat transfer.

Lip implants, especially those made from a material called Gore-Tex are very common. Gore-Tex is a type of a plastic that never loses its shape or volume.  

The disadvantage of this material is that it may feel hard to touch and it can move and distort the shape of the lips. A Gore-Tex implant costs about $2,000 to $3,000. 

Fat transfer or fat grafting to the lips is a relative safe and simple procedure. The doctor will first obtain fat from another part of your body, for example, the abdomen. The fat will then be put in a machine to separate the fat cells from other fluids and then re-injected into the lips.  There are no scars. 

The disadvantages are that the body reabsorbs part of the fat and the final volume may not be the desired size. That means more treatments are required. Usually the doctor will preserve some of the fat for this purpose. Many doctors think that lip fat transfer is not as long lasting as fat transfers to other facial areas. The second disadvantage is that the doctor needs to get the fat through a small liposuction (this will not change the shape of your body). It means that there is another surgical procedure needed raising the cost and potential complications.

In Hollywood many people have gone to the extreme with lip fillers and they look unnatural and almost like a cartoon. This is a matter of personal preference, but remember big lips are in fashion now, but fashions change very often.   
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Temporary lip fillers  
Permanent lip fillers and implants 

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