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 Beauty - Skin care 

Chemical peels reveal beautiful skin-

Skin peels or peelings are exfoliants, but usually they are called peels and not masks, because they penetrate deeper than the regular exfoliants.  


Skin peels can help you if you want to improve your skin tone and give yourself a healthy glow. 

During professional and home versions of peelings many substances can be used to peel your skin so the skin can renew itself. The new skin is more beautiful, uniform, and depending on the peeling, it can boost collagen-making, and make the skin healthier and younger.

When are peelings or peels used?
Most people can benefit from peels. Doctors use them to treat scars, dark spots, uneven tone, acne, expression lines, to diminish wrinkles, make open pores look smaller, revitalize the skin, eliminate dullness, and rejuvenate the skin.

How long do the results last? 
Some results are permanent, such as lightening of dark spots and scars, while some results are temporary. Some of the longer lasting results are pore size reduction, expression lines, wrinkles, acne etc. The period the results last depends on the type of peel used – the deeper the peel, longer-lasting the results. 

Professional peelings or peels
Professional peels can be done by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and qualified technicians and estheticians in spas or medical spas. The peelings done in spas are much lighter than those performed by doctors. The deeper the peeling, the higher the risk, and therefore, the more experienced and knowledgeable the professional should be.

There are few risks if an experienced professional does the peeling. These are some of the potential risks: skin discoloration and uneven tone, infections, scars, loss of sensitivity and burning sensation on the skin.

Types of peels
There are many types of peels and they can use different substances at varying concentrations. The higher the concentration, the deeper the peeling, These are some of the most common peels:

Light peels: Peels with alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHA and BHA)
TCA peels  medium intensity chemical peels:
Deep chemical peels

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