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Beauty: Beauty

Supplements for beauty: Minerals

Minerals are also crucial for our health. 

Zinc: Lack of zinc may cause slower healing on cuts or active acne. Zinc helps the skin grow and regenerate. Foods that contain zinc include eggs, meats and wheat germ



It helps in proper functioning of the thyroids. Deficiencies of this mineral may cause dry hair and other skin conditions. Seafoods and iodized salt provide this mineral to our diet.

Selenium. It is an antioxidant that works in conjunction with vitamin E to keep us young. It can be found in fish, whole grains, and animal organs, among others.  Selenium can be part of your vitamins and other nutrients supplements.  

Potassium. It helps the skin stay healthy and to regenerate new cells. It can found in potatoes, bananas, whole grains and green leaves.

Phosphorus. Is very important to have healthy bones and teeth. Protein rich foods provide us with this nutrient.

Iron. It gives us energy. It works with other minerals to produce hemoglobin in our blood. Food rich in iron include whole grains, green leaves and some meats and animal organs.

Copper. It is very important for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. It also helps our nervous system. It can be found in green leaves and seafood. 

Calcium. It is a very important mineral for women. It contributes to the health of our bones, teeth, hormonal balance and our skin. Foods rich in calcium are milk and milk products, including cheese, broccoli, soy products, and sardines. 

Calcium has also been related to the storage of fat in our bodies. Preliminary studies say that calcium can help us lose weight.

Chromium. Chromium, in preliminary studies, has demonstrated that it can help fight acne. It helps because it reduces infections. This is a mineral that many alternative nutritionists recommend that we take it in the form of either chromium iodinate or chromium polynicotinate.

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