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Microdermabrasion at home part 2-

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How does home microdermabrasion work?

You can purchase a microdermabrasion system that includes a cream and a small machine or just a cream that you will apply with your hands.


These are some options:

1- Derma New. This was one of the first brands and it is still one of the best. They have many kits.  The price varies from $ 80.00 to $140.00

2- Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion in a Jar. This is a high-end cream that you apply with your hands. $ 75.00


3- Neutrogena. Probably the best option at a lower price. It comes as a kit with the machine and cream, and afterwards, you can purchase the cream refill and additional sponges. $ 39.00

4- Youthful Essence. This is the Susan Lucci brand. It has good quality crystals and includes the machine and a moisturizer cream. It costs about $ 100.00 but it goes on sale for much less.

How to use it?

Each cream has instructions by skin type. Usually you use it after cleaning your skin once or twice a week. It takes only a few minutes and after the treatment you apply a gentle moisturizer, preferably without fragrance. You can also apply natural face oil. 

Contraindication of home microdermabrasion

If you have sensitive skin, apply the cream gently. If you have a choice, buy a product for sensitive skin - they have fewer crystals. If you have active acne, consult with the doctor or an esthetician. 

If you use other exfoliation systems or creams with retinol, glycolic acid or similar ingredients, do not use microdermabrasion as often, as you are already exfoliating your skin. Be careful not to overdo it. In general, depending on your skin type, three times a week is the maximum you can safely exfoliate your skin. 

Is home microdermabrasion worth the money?
Yes, it gives good results to most people. It is especially recommended for those people who are not likely to have a professional treatment.
Read part 1: Home microdermabrasion   

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