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Makeup: some guidelines

There are no rules in makeup, but there are some guidelines that work for most women, unless you like Goth style makeup or other similar styles, in which case you can let your imagination run wild. The following list applies to most professional and stay-at-home women:  Continues below...    


Less is more
When it comes to makeup, less is more. Makeup is a tool to enhance your beauty. When you enter a room you want people to say that you look nice, not how nice your makeup is. Usually less makeup or fewer colors make you look your best.

Only one focal point
Just as in interior decoration, you need to pick one focal point on your face. This normally can be your eyes or your mouth. If both of them are strong it is difficult to see you through the makeup.

The foundation
The foundation in normal circumstances has to be the same color as your skin color. If you use lighter foundation, you may look tired and your skin will look dull. Darker foundation will also look somewhat unnatural. In special circumstances you may use a little lighter or darker foundation, but you have to master it first.

Correct and conceal
Conceler is your friend if you have dark circles under your eyes or other irregularities on the skin. In normal makeup, whether during day or night, it should be one shade lighter than the foundation, two in some special cases. Anything more than that is only used for theatrical makeup.

Money, money
Your makeup does not have to be expensive, but unfortunately, it is difficult for most people to pick the right colors, create a look for themselves and do all of this under the awful lights in most stores. For this reason, shops that offer help are a great idea, especially if you feel unsure about applying your makeup.

You can book a makeup application at Sephora, Mac, and other cosmetics counters in department stores. You do not have to buy everything that your consultant will suggest if you do not wish to do it. If you would like to buy only a few items, foundation and concealer are the products you should get, because the makeup artist is trained to select the best colors for your skin tone. In case you do not like the products and end up buying nothing, it is appropriate to ask if you can tip her or him (some stores have policies on tipping).

Once you have the right foundation (and you may not need foundation if you have perfect skin and like to wear light makeup), you can purchase a similar color or make your own color by mixing shades in the pharmacy or discount store.

The right brushes help you apply the makeup better, especially eye make-up. The most important brushes are an eye shadow brush, angular eye shadow brush and blush brush.

Diva attitude
Take risk, makeup is fun it does not have to be perfect; mistakes are OK. Remember just like clothes, makeup colors change with the seasons and the fashions.



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