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Look great for the holidays: Start now

You probably have seen those TV programs where people get beauty transformations, or a complete makeover. You can borrow some of their advice and mix it with your own to look pretty for the holidays. Here are some easy things to do: 



Get your teeth bleached. If you have a few hundred dollars, this is a good place to spend it. If you prefer not to go to the dentist, you can do it at home with some of the teeth whitening kits. A beautiful smile will make you look better. Read more on teeth whitening

Prepare your skin
If you can afford it go to a good cosmetic dermatologist, depending on your skin needs, a non-ablative laser can do wonders for your complexion. If you cannot go to the doctor, get a home microdermabrasion kit such as Neutrogena or Lancôme. Follow the instructions and you will see a big difference on your skin.  

Get your beauty routine going 
If you really want big results, cut down on sugar, white flour and all refined foods and take a multivitamin pill. This will not only make your skin better but you may look skinnier. Get a cleanser, exfoliate, use a good humectant, and follow your beauty routine religiously every day. 

Go to the makeup counter 
Make an appointment with Mac, Stila, Sephora or any other makeup lines that you like and learn how to apply your makeup and get the products you need. You may already have most of them.

Stand up pretty 
If you have any posture issues, try to work on them. You will look instantly thinner and taller with perfect posture. 

Start shopping your holiday outfits. Look at magazines, try on clothes, and be audacious. Remember you have to feel good with your clothes.

Get in the holiday spirit
Enjoy the season. Happiness is the best thing to make you look great. 


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