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Caring hands

Our hands work hard for us and on occasions we even abuse them. As time goes by, they start to reflect how we have treated them. They show the lack of care in form of dark spots, roughness, wrinkles and others.   Continues below...    



Doctors often say that the face is not the place to assess one’s age – look at the hands. Aging on the face can be masked with makeup and/or cosmetic surgery but it is hard to hide the aging of hands (see hand rejuvenation).

To take care of the hands is easy and you can do it in seconds. These are some tips:

Prevent or treat dark spots

Some times these are called age spots, but in most cases they are the marks left by sun exposure. The solution is simple: use sun protection on your hands. This is especially important if you drive and have a long commute or just happen to sit in light for too long.

If you already have dark spots on the hands, try some of the creams to treat melasma or dark spots on the face. Some of the most effective ones have hydroquinone as active ingredient, but there are other options. Microdermabrasion for hands also helps.

Soft hands
The easiest way to avoid rough areas on the hands is protecting them. Use plastic gloves to wash dishes or do housework and use gentle cleaning products and soaps.

During the cold season, it is very important to protect the hands with gloves.

Try to exfoliate your hands once or twice a week. You can buy a product in a personal care store; there are many options with really yummy smells or you can make your own. The easiest recipe is to put a little bit of sugar in you body lotion or soap and rub it on your hands, then rinse with water and apply body lotion.

Use body lotion or hand cream frequently, especially if it is cold outside.

Do a manicure either at home or at the salon. If you want to do it at home try our at home manicure: How to do a manicure at home

You can also use a mask for hands if they are really dry. Use a little of your face hydrating masks or buy one for hands. Wrap you hands in warm towels, Japanese restaurant type:

1- Wet two hand towels and put them in the microwave for 30 seconds or enough time to get warm. Be careful, they can get very hot, so carefully extend the towels in the air and put them on your hands when they are warm.

2- Wrap them around and leave them for a few seconds until they are getting cold, then apply the mask. If you want a special touch add a few drops of essential oil of your preference to the water where you will soak the towels or spray them afterwards with a mix of essential oil and water.

If you suffer from really dry hands in winter, try paraffin treatments. You can have them done in the salon or you can buy one of the paraffin melting appliances in the store. Usually they also sell the paraffin or you can buy it online. This treatment is supposed to be also good for arthritis pain. It leaves the hands really soft.

All of these will protect not only your hands, but also your nails.


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