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Foot care

For having beautiful feet, we do pedicures, but pedicures are not the biggest feet luxury anymore. There are feet facials and other treatments to take care of the feet.  Continues below...    



As we age, the feet suffer a lot of damage, especially if the person wears a lot of heels. It gets worse for people who live in places with extreme temperatures, or walk a great deal, or do not pay attention to their shoes, or experience an attack from bacteria/fungi, etc.

There are many treatments to take care of foot problems. Among them are:

Foot facial: You are all familiar with a facial (which was originally a treatment for the face but is now given to other parts of the body as well). There is also one for feet and will typically be a substitute for a pedicure. It is a pedicure with exfoliation and a mask.

Botox: Many of us assume that Botox is only for removing wrinkles. There is another less known application – stopping excessive perspiration. We all know the dangers of excessive sweating and when it happens in the feet area, it encourages bacterial/fungal infections and bad odor. By injecting Botox, the sweating stops and your feet will look/smell better. It is also claimed that a Botox treatment will reduce calluses.

Microdermabrasion: A procedure that was originally done on the face, microdermabrasion is now available for feet too. It is very good to keep calluses away.

Laser hair removal: Not all of us like those tiny hair on the feet. Laser is ideal for getting rid of them.

Laser treatments: Like the legs, if you have spider veins that you don't like, a laser treatment is the solution being offered.

Mesotherapy: For those women who have heavy ankles, a mesotherapy treatment can be a big relief.

Injectables: Fillers (e.g. Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, and others) that are already being used on the face (and other parts of the body) to fill in wrinkles or pump the lips can also be used to correct parts of the feet that is out of shape due to wear and tear. These are ideal for women who wear a lot of heels and do not have a lot of cushioning in the shoes.

Surgery: Mind you, this is not a cosmetic treatment (surgeons are strongly opposed to cosmetic foot surgery, in other words, to make your feet prettier to fit in certain types of shoes). If the doctor determines that your feet need a surgical procedure for eliminating bunions and/or hammertoes, a surgical procedure is the only choice that provides permanent relief.

What's next after the treatment?

There is no substitute to regular care of your feet. Your routine should include exfoliation and moisturizing (apply body lotion or oil). Plus, you must always wear the right size shoes that are comfortable.

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