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Colored contact lenses as an accessory

The idea of changing your eye color instantaneously is, as blue-eyed Paris Hilton would say, "hot." These new contact lenses do not only change the eye color, they even have designs and party themes, such as for Halloween or Valentine's Day. 



These lenses are not designed for medical purposes; they are simply cosmetic accessories that you can use for a short period of time. 

Should you use colored contacts?
On the positive side, colored contact lenses are fun, they will change your look instantaneously and you have the versatility to have any eye color you want.   

On the other hand, every time you are using something that is in touch with a delicate organ, such as your eyes, you need to be cautions, and if you are not willing to take the care needed, you should not use them. 

Do I need a prescription?
If your eyes are perfect otherwise, you probably do not need a prescription to purchase cosmetic colored contact lenses. If you are currently using contacts or eyeglasses you should consult with your ophthalmologist. 

Contact lenses care 

If you use contacts to change you eye color for fun, you should be careful observing basic hygiene, because if you touch your lenses with dirty hands, you may spread infection on your precious eyes. Always wash your hands well before touching your lenses and/or eyes. 

You will need a solution to keep your lenses clean. There are many eye care systems in the market. Three of the most popular are Optifree, Renu, and Clear Care. 

The colored contact lenses come with instructions on how to clean them. The care is relatively simple.

If you feel your eyes irritated, it may be that they are dry. There are eye drops that you can use to alleviate the situation, they are called rewetting drops. 

If the drops do not improve the irritation, it could be that the lenses have gone bad. They may have tiny cracks or they may be dirty. If you are not using prescription lenses, you may interchange (right lens in left eye, and left in the right eye) the lenses to see if it is the lenses.

Do not force your eyes. If you continue to feel the irritation, take care of it immediately.

Lenses are personal. Do not let anybody else use your lenses nor should you use other people's lenses.

In rare cases, your lenses can cause problems such as getting stuck in your eyes. Do not panic. Put some saline solution for contact lenses, wait a few minutes, and try to gently get them put. If it does not work, go to an optometrist. 

One disadvantage of contact lenses in different colors or design is that they may get stuck in the eye and part of your iris will be your regular eye and the other part the lenses color. This is rare and if your eyes are not dry it most probably will never happen. 

Where can you buy contact lenses?
You can buy them online for larger selection or in the offices of some doctor. Even some beauty salons or novelty shops (the ones for Halloween) sell them. 

We recommend online stores since the prices are lower and the choices is wider.

Types of lenses
There are two main types: extended wear and disposables. Extended wear means that you can use them for up to year, or even longer, depending on how often you wear them. Disposables lenses can be worn for a week or so. They came in boxes with several pairs (generally 6). In the long run, extended wear lenses are cheaper but in the short-term, disposable are cheaper. So if you really like to have blue eyes more often, then you want to buy extended wear lenses. On the other hand if you want to use lenses with a pattern of hearts for Valentine's Day, then it is better to buy disposable ones.

Most doctors at this time recommend disposable lenses in the prescription category and probably the same applies to cosmetic lenses.       

Diva attitude: Do not be shy pick the color you really want and flirt with your "new" eyes.


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