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Keep yourself beautiful during the cold months-

Cold weather is not very kind to the skin, especially dry or sensitive skin. With proper care, however, you can protect you skin and keep it looking great during cold winter months. Here are a few tips: 


1- Avoid skin irritants, such as products with strong fragrance or color or high alcohol content. This is very important for people with sensitive skin, rosacea or couperose. 

2- Use a mild cleanser and avoid using soap.

3- Use a good moisturizer for your skin type. You may need to use a richer moisturizer during the coldest months. Apply two or three times a day.  

4- Try to use calming products, even if your skin is strong. 

5- Make sure you are taking your vitamins regularly, especially Vitamin E, A, C, biotin and K. You may also want to consider eating more fish or taking Omega 3 supplements in form of flaxseed oil or fish oil.

6- Exfoliate using a gentle method.

7- Use sun block. The sun may not be so strong but it is still there and it will damage your skin if you do not protect it.

8- Put a rich balm on your lips.

9- Have facials if you can to pamper your skin with a rich mask and a relaxing massage.

10- Do not forget to drink plenty of water (most people do not feel thirsty during winter so do not wait; just drink regularly) and eat healthy.

11- Smile and be happy. A positive attitude will make you happier, healthier and prettier.

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