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Beauty and cancer

Cancer treatments are difficult and can have negative effects on the body. Beside their health effects they also damage the skin and hair. Fortunately there are solutions to look and feel better during this challenging time. Continues below  



During these treatments the last thing some people consider is how they look, but not all women react this way. The desire to look good in this case is not vanity, to feel good about our image makes us feel better in general and this benefits the body’s self-healing systems.

Tips to look good while in treatment
Dealing with hair loss
If you lose your hair there are options. One of the options is to use a wig. Wigs can be expensive or cheap, and expensive ones are not necessarily the best. The trick is to try on several and find the one you like in the desired price range. The best wigs are made of natural hair, they can be washed and styled.

Many places offer free wigs for people with limited resources and it is an option worth exploring if you need to.

Wigs can be very hot and sometimes feel tight to some people. When buying a wig it is important to try it on and get the adjustments required; this makes it difficult to buy over the Internet. If the wig does not fit well it can move on the head and be uncomfortable.

Other options include scarves, hats and turbans. Wigs are not for everyone. Some people prefer to wear a scarf or hat because they are lighter, fresher and easy to use as well as cheaper, and they can look pretty.

If the eyebrows fall, makeup can be used to fill them. You can use a pencil to fill them in, but this is not the best choice. It is better to use powder or some of the products for this function.

As the skin may look pale a little of pinkish blush in the cheeks helps a lot. Also some shade of pink on the lips will brighten your face.

It is important to use moisturizers, because the skin may become dry and to use lip balm if necessary.



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