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Beautiful breast: Taking care of your breast II

Second part: (read first part beautiful breast)

Use a good support bra. Find your right size. Most women use incorrect bra sizes. 



Some lingerie shops offer this service for free and find out where you can get your measurements in the area you live.

A good quality bra will make your breast look better. This is especially important if you have larger breasts.

Not everybody agrees with the above. Some people think that bras actually cause damage to the breasts and even link it to cancer, but there are no valid studies on this subject at this time.   

Keep the skin surrounding the breast moisture. If you expose this area to the sun, use sun block. This skin is very delicate and most women do not put a very good lotion or cream in this area. You may want to use very good natural oil such as hazelnut, rose hips, evening primrose or mosqueta rose. These and other oils are very good for the skin. You can also buy special creams for this area.  

Good posture. More than a good bra, good posture is essential to keep your breasts perky. Take a look at the way you walk and if you have problems, try to improve it. You may need to work with a chiropractor as well.  

Working out. As we said before, the breast has no muscle tissue, and therefore, does not benefit directly from working out, but it benefits indirectly because you will improve your posture and develop your pectoral muscles. 

In the future, we probably will have non-invasive procedures to make our breasts grow and grow breast tissue, but at this time to have bigger/firmer breasts, plastic surgery is the only proven option. 

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