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Beauty: Beauty Tips for Real Life Divas

Skin care 101

How many skin care creams do you need? What is essential and what is not?  



Facial Cleanser. You can, in theory, use soap. While some soaps may even be gentler than some cleansers, in general though, facial cleansers are gentler than regular soaps. This is a good reason to use them. Even if you have oily skin, it is better to use a gentle cleanser that will not irritate or dry your skin.

Toner or astringent. Most experts will tell you that it is not essential to use a toner. Even worse, some toners have a lot of alcohol. This is an optional product. If you like to use it after cleansing your skin, you can do it but look for a toner with little or no alcohol.   

Moisturizer. Surprisingly some doctors think that not all skins require a moisturizer. If your skin is oily, you are young and live in a warm place, you may not need this product. If you have normal or dry skin, however, and you live in a cold or dry place or if you are over 25, most probably you need a moisturizer.

Sun protection. This is the new mantra in skin care. You should always use sun block, even during winter, even if you do not go out. It is applied after the moisturizer and before putting on makeup.

Facial masks. They are good and do a lot of good for your skin, but unless you have special conditions such as dryness, lack of skin glow or tendency to develop acne, you can do without them, if you choose to. Our favorites masks are made at home with fruits, milk and veggies, but for your convenience, you can buy a mask for your skin type. 

Exfoliants. They are not a must but they are nice and do a lot for your skin. They unveil the new vibrant skin that hides behind a layer of dead cells and impurities, and depending on which one you use, they can help to promote a healthier skin. Our favorites are microdermabrasion and glycolic or AHA peels. 

Special treatments. These are optional treatments for aging skin or special conditions. These days you cannot even trust some doctors because they are selling cosmetics so they may recommend more than you need. They are not a must, but some of them are good. Remember at this time we have no creams to take wrinkles away or to cure acne. So please keeping in mind that the results will not be miracles. 


Diva attitude: Always smile and when you look at your reflection in the mirror tell yourself, 'I am beautiful.' Unleash your inner diva.

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