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Beauty: Beauty Tips for Real Life Divas

Avoid wrinkles: Habits that age us 

Have you noticed how few TV personalities have a big smile like that of Julia Roberts? One of the reasons could be Botox, but another reason is they also try to avoid wrinkles. 



Certain habits make us old faster. Let see discuss of them:

Rubbing your eyes
When you are rubbing your eyes, you are stretching the very sensitive skin around them. To do it a few times a day is probably not a problem, but if you do it every few hours, the habit will contribute to the creation of fine lines.

Smiling with our eyes.
Many people just have wonderful smiles, like Julia Roberts, but if you keep smiling that way many times a day, that may create crow feet lines. Although it may sound weird to try to avoid those wrinkles, learn to smile using you mouth. 

You knew this. Constant frowning contributes to expression lines and eventually wrinkles. So stop complaining, think positively, and don't take life too seriously.

This is a big one. Smoking contributes to the formation of fine lines around the mouth. The skin looks shallow and the complexion becomes dull. Plus, there are several other related health problems due to smoking. So stop, or at least limit, smoking.

Keep you weight stable
Avoid weight fluctuations. You are losing skin and muscle tone every time you lose about 25 pounds or so. Weight fluctuations make the breasts and face sagged. If you lose weight, keep it at that level and avoid getting overweight again. Avoid crash diets too.

Bad posture
Bad posture is bad for your health and your looks. Improve your posture. It is never too late to have better posture.

Avoid sunburn
Use hats, sun block, and avoid the sun at peak hours. Sun causes wrinkles, discolorations and dark spots.  



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